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When I started my business in 2016, I offered nothing but career coaching. There’s a good reason why.

With years of career services experience, and as a former content manager for College Recruiter, I know how to help people find great jobs, and I am passionate about helping others pursue career fulfillment. I understand higher education, recruiting, employment, and talent acquisition, and I maintain relationships with colleagues in those industries.

As a professional writer, I can whip out an amazing resume or cover letter. As a communications consultant and former communications instructor and English faculty member, I can help you improve your speaking, listening, writing, and other soft skills.

I easily, quickly, and creatively solve simple career-related problems for clients. But what I really love doing for my clients–and what I’m best at–is helping them find career fulfillment.

Let me know which career coaching package below appeals to you, or contact me to schedule a free consultation by phone if you’re having difficulty making a selection.

The Big Kahuna

Want to take advantage of nearly every career coaching service I offer? The Big Kahuna package is for you.

Keep in mind The Big Kahuna package includes multiple tailored coaching sessions with pieces which will be implemented over a period of time, ranging from 1-3 months.

*Resume and tailored cover letter
*Job search and career fulfillment coaching
*Branding coaching, including 3 key branding pieces and social media assistance, including LinkedIn profile creation/revision
*Networking coaching
*Interview coaching, including two mock interviews
*Pick 2: Communication skills coaching, conflict management coaching, gratitude development, public speaking coaching, or soft skills assessment

(Entry-level: $1800, Mid-exec: $2100)

Interview prep coaching

*Conduct a mock interview with Bethany Wallace (face-to-face if local or via video conference). Receive detailed feedback on mock interview questions/responses.
*Understand how to succeed in interviews (phone interviews, video-based interviews, team interviews, and behavior-based interviews).
*Practice non-verbal and verbal interview skills.
*Discuss interview appearance, how to follow up after interviews, and salary negotiation.
*Gain insight into how to eliminate nerves before and during interviews.
*Hone better interview communication skills, including making a great first impression and connecting well with employers/recruiters.

(Interview prep coaching: $300)

Branding & networking coaching

*Be the best version of yourself online and offline. Understand branding basics and how to improve & build your own brand.
*Learn to promote and brand yourself via social media on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms. Work with me to create or revise your existing LinkedIn profile.
*Collaboratively create a strong brief biopersonal branding statement and elevator pitch, three essential networking and branding components.
*Strengthen your networking skills by learning to connect with people online via social media and move relationships offline.
*Understand how to make the most of professional networking events.

(Branding coaching, networking coaching, social media assistance, and 3 key branding pieces: $550)

Communication skills, public speaking, and conflict management coaching for entry-level employees

*Are your communication skills lacking? As a former oral communication college instructor and communications consultant, I’ll help you improve your speaking, listening, and non-verbal communication skills.
*Want to become a better public speaker? Let’s improve your public speaking and presentation skills.
*Facing challenges in your current workplace? We can develop your workplace communication skills.
*Improve your conflict management skills.

(Communication coaching, conflict management coaching, and public speaking coaching for one-month: $700. Discount available for adding on additional months of coaching if desired.)

Resume, cover letter, and interview coaching

*Entry-level, mid-level, or executive-level resume
*One totally tailored cover letter
*Interview coaching
*Conduct a mock interview with Bethany Wallace (face-to-face if local or via video session).
*Receive detailed feedback on mock interview questions/responses.
*Understand how to succeed in interviews (phone interviews, video-based interviews, team interviews, and behavior-based interviews).
*Practice non-verbal and verbal interview skills.
*Discuss interview appearance, how to follow up after interviews, salary negotiation, and seeking promotions.
*Gain insight into how to eliminate nerves before and during interviews.
*Hone better interview communication skills, including making a great first impression and connecting with employers/recruiters.

(Entry-level: $600, Mid-level: $700, Exec-level: $800. Entry: Fewer than 5 years of full-time work experience. Mid: 5-15 years of full-time work experience. Exec: More than 15 years of full-time work experience.)

Basic resume

*Entry-level resume: $350 (Entry-level is defined as five or fewer years of full-time work experience)
*Mid-level resume: $450 (For professionals with 5-15 years of full-time work experience)
Exec-level resume: $550 (For professionals with 15+ years of full-time work experience)

Cover letter costs: After the client has paid for resume writing services, I am happy to write tailored cover letters at a rate of $50/letter.

Executive coaching:

man-iand-woman-doing-a-handshake-3874034Many small business owners, company managers, and nonprofit leaders keep driving the struggle buses with flat tires and smoky engines. But when they’re ready to tune up their organizations and seek direction, they often seek executive coaching assistance.

I help business owners and leaders implement genuine workplace solutions. Some leaders and owners need help with strategic planning. Others need a sounding board. Often, managers play peacemaker between two hotheaded employees and need help resolving conflict.

Whatever your problem, the ultimate goal is to get you where you want to be–and need to be–in terms of two things: career fulfillment and mission alignment.

Coaching features multiple sessions, assignments, and ample feedback. I do not provide any canned coaching packages using content purchased online created by other people. ALL COACHING PACKAGES ARE TAILORED FOR YOU designed to meet your specific needs. A coaching plan involves months’ worth of interaction and improvement.


Because positive changes–changes that stand the test of time–take time.

  • communication
  • collaboration
  • conflict prevention & resolution
  • organizational mission and branding solutions
  • mentorship
  • improving workplace environment (employee recognition, morale, and attitude)
  • leadership

(To inquire about a tailored executive coaching package, complete a contact form.  Contact me to schedule your sessions today.) 

Communications and content

writing-828911_1280Your organization might hope to adapt from print to digital communication. Maybe you lack brand awareness in your community and beyond. Perhaps you’re striving to keep employees, volunteers, students, clients, or board members on the same page, but they complain about miscommunication and seem disgruntled.

Here are ways I help clients find communications and content solutions. Reach out to me to schedule a call to discuss your situation. Solutions await.

  • Strategic plans for communications, branding, content, and social media
  • Focus groups, surveys, and strategy sessions
  • Training and executive coaching packages for communication and conflict management
  • Training for entry-level writing and social media management professionals
  • Content management: blog posts, web content, and social media management (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora, Pinterest)
  • Social media management plans and implementation
  • Grant writing
  • Branding statements and elevator pitches
  • Training for public speaking, public outreach, and networking

Training packages

*DUE TO COVID-19, I am only accepting virtual training contracts through May 2021 with the exception of training in Independence and Izard Counties in Arkansas.

black-and-white-chairs-conference-room-discussion-1181400Training works best for organizations seeking long-term, systemic change. If you’re thinking big picture and want to invest in at least three sessions to affect change and pursue improvement, a training package is right for you. Training sessions can work for large groups or small cohorts/teams.

Contact Bethany for a quote.

  • communications: public speaking, non-verbal skills, verbal communication, active listening, mindful listening.
  • conflict prevention, resolution, and management
  • career management, development, and fulfillment: resume writing, interview skills, networking, and personal branding
  • soft skills training: communication, customer service, writing skills, conflict prevention/resolution/management, collaboration and teamwork, active and mindful listening, gratitude in the workplace, leadership and followership
  • cultural sensitivity and diversity in the workplace
  • recruiting and managing Gen Z

Speaking engagements (contact me for a quote)

*DUE TO COVID-19, I am only scheduling virtual speaking engagements through May 2021 with the exception of face-to-face speaking engagements in Independence County, Arkansas.

Bethany Wallace Communications Consulting 2020 speaking engagements

Need a specific presentation but don’t see the topic listed here?

Contact me to request a tailored presentation or workshop.


Contact Bethany  to set up a free consultation by phone.

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