Are you seeking long-term, systemic change? If you’re thinking big picture & want to invest in affecting change & pursuing improvement, a training package is right for you.

Let me tell you what I’m MOST excited about right now… an amazing, affordable SOFT SKILLS & CAREER READINESS training/content package designed just for college students & recent grads. Higher ed institutions, TRiO programs, corporations with internship programs/management training programs–THIS IS FOR YOU. 

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If you’re interested in a quote, Contact me.

Other training topics:

  • communications: public speaking, non-verbal skills, verbal communication, active listening, mindful communication.
  • conflict prevention, resolution, & management
  • career management, development, & fulfillment: resume writing, interview skills, networking,  personal branding
  • soft skills training: communication, customer service, writing skills, conflict prevention/resolution/management, decision-making, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration & teamwork, mindful listening, gratitude & responsibility in the workplace, leadership & followership
  • cultural sensitivity & inclusion through mindful communication
  • attracting, recruiting, hiring, & managing Gen Z
  • improving attitude in the workplace (gratitude & responsibility)

*DUE TO COVID-19, I am conducting virtual training only with the exception of training within Independence County, Arkansas. 

Speaking engagements

*DUE TO COVID-19, I am primarily scheduling virtual speaking engagements through 2022.

speaking engagements training sessions

Communications & content

writing-828911_1280Is your organization…

  • adapting from print to digital?
  • lacking brand awareness?
  • posting content randomly & hoping for the best?
  • struggling to get employees & constituents on the same page but continually hearing complaints about miscommunication or lack of transparency?

As a professional writer with over 15 years of experience & a Master’s degree in English Language & Literature, I’m experienced in improving communications, branding organizations, managing content, and telling stories. I have worked as a technical writer, content manager, grant writer, editor, social media manager, & have also published three books. In addition, I taught English Composition & Oral Communications as a faculty member for six years.

I’m happy to provide writing samples; you may also review my work on my blog on this site or at,,  or by previewing my books on my Amazon author page.

Reach out to me to schedule a call.

  • Strategic plans for communications, branding, content, & social media
  • Training & executive coaching packages for improving communication
  • Content management: blog posts, web content, & social media management strategic plans (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora, Pinterest)
  • Grant writing
  • Branding statements, bios, & elevator pitches
  • Training for public speaking, public outreach, & networking
  • Professional writing, revising, & editing

Career coaching

coffee news job ads career coaching Bethany Wallace

When I started my business in 2016, I offered only career coaching. With years of career services experience, and as a former content manager for College Recruiter, I know how to help earnest job seekers find great jobs. I am passionate about helping professionals pursue career fulfillment. I understand higher education, recruiting, employment, and talent acquisition, & I maintain relationships with colleagues in these industries.

I easily, quickly, & creatively solve career-related problems for clients. But what I really love doing for my clients–and what I’m best at–is helping them pursue and find career fulfillment.

Let me know which career coaching package appeals to you, or contact me to schedule a free consultation by phone if you’re having difficulty making a selection.

The Big Kahuna

Want to take advantage of nearly every career coaching service I offer? The Big Kahuna package is for you.

Keep in mind The Big Kahuna package includes multiple tailored coaching sessions with pieces which will be implemented over a period of time (2-3 months).

*Job search & career fulfillment coaching
*Branding coaching, including 3 key branding pieces & LinkedIn profile creation/revision & networking tips
*Interview coaching, including a one-hour recorded mock interview session
*Pick 2 soft skills sessions: Communication skills, conflict prevention/resolution, gratitude development, or soft skills assessment & analysis of weaknesses/strengths

(Big Kahuna package: $1800)

Interview prep coaching

*Conduct a mock interview with me (face-to-face if local or via video conference). Receive detailed feedback on questions/responses & detailed advice for improvement.
*Understand how to succeed in interviews (phone interviews, video-based interviews, team interviews, & behavior-based interviews).
*Practice non-verbal & verbal interview skills.
*Discuss interview appearance, how to follow up after interviews, & salary negotiation.
*Gain insight into how to eliminate nerves before & during interviews.
*Hone better interview communication skills, including first impressions & connecting well with employers/recruiters.

(Interview prep coaching (one call & one Zoom session/mock interview): $350)

Communication skills & conflict management coaching 

*Are your communication skills lacking? As a former oral communication college instructor & communications consultant, I’ll help you improve your speaking, listening, & non-verbal communication skills.
*Facing challenges in your current workplace? We can develop your workplace communication skills.
*Improve your conflict management skills.

(Communication coaching & conflict management coaching for two months: $1200. Discount available for additional months of coaching if desired.)

Executive coaching:

man-iand-woman-doing-a-handshake-3874034I help business owners & leaders implement genuine workplace solutions, including strategic planning, improving content & communications, & soft skills training & coaching.

Whatever your problems, the goal is to get you where you want to be–need to be–regarding two things: career fulfillment & mission alignment.

Coaching features multiple sessions, assignments, & ample feedback. I do not provide canned coaching packages using content purchased online created by other people. ALL COACHING PACKAGES ARE TAILORED FOR YOU, designed by me, to meet your specific needs. A coaching plan involves months’ worth of interaction & improvement. Why?

Because positive changes–changes that stand the test of time–take time.

  • communication
  • collaboration
  • conflict prevention & resolution
  • organizational mission & branding solutions
  • mentorship
  • improving workplace environment (cultural sensitivity & inclusion, employee recognition, morale, & attitude)
  • leadership

(To inquire about a tailored executive coaching package, complete a contact form.  Contact me to schedule your sessions today.) 


Contact Bethany  to set up a free consultation by phone. 

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