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Bethany Wallace Communications & ConsultingBethany Wallace partners with mission-minded organizations to build better workplaces through soft skills solutions. Bethany aids leaders in strengthening workplace relationships through communications consulting, training, executive coaching, keynote presentations, & career coaching.

Bethany presents research at conferences and contributes regularly to major publications & recognized podcasts, including Glassdoor, College Recruiter, Zip Recruiter, Jobscan, FlexJobs, the New York Daily News, BusinessTech, Human Resources Online, Life After Teaching, Love Your Story, The Conversation Guy (10 Minute Mindset), Everyday People Podcast, The Success Chronicles, and more. In June 2020, Bethany published a collection of original poetry, Hindsight 2020: A New and Selected Poems by Bethany Wallace. In 2021, Bethany also published Mama Meditations: Devotional Book & Gratitude Journal for Moms, Volumes I and II.

An expert in higher education, she worked for 12 years as an English faculty member & career services director. She is a professional writer, having managed content for College Recruiter, served on a technical writing team at HP, & provided grant writing, editing, & other content management services for small businesses. She has also garnered experience in sales & nonprofit leadership.

She earned her Master of Arts degree in English Language & Literature at Arkansas Tech University & her Bachelor of Arts degree in English at Lyon College.

She has partnered with generous, kind, & brilliant research partners & colleagues, presenting research & presentations at conferences before small & large audiences, including talent acquisition & human resources professionals, high school & college students, faculty, staff, business owners & managers, & career services professionals & coaches.

Located in north central Arkansas, Bethany works with clients virtually & face-to-face.

Contact Bethany for more information regarding soft skills solutions, training, or other services/packages.

Speaking credentials:

  • Windstream WBPN 2021: “Putting down our anvils: Mindful communication as a pathway to cultural sensitivity and inclusion in the workplace”
  • University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville TRiO Student Support Services 2021: Career readiness and soft skills training program (video-based)
  • Southwest Oklahoma Human Resources (SWOKHR) 2021: “Getting Gen Z @ Work”
  • Arkansas HRMA 2020: Mindful communication related to cultural sensitivity, diversity, & inclusion in the workplace (professional development webinar)
  • Oklahoma City Human Resource Society 2020: “Getting Gen Z @ Work”
  • Southside Junior High School 2020: “Career Exploration 101”
  • Batesville Alternative School 2019: “A Journey through Recovery”
  • Family Violence Prevention 2019: “Putting down our anvils: Mindful communication as a pathway to cultural sensitivity in the workplace”
  • OKHR (Oklahoma Human Resources) 2019: “Gen Z and College Recruiting: Evolving Solutions”
  • Arkansas Bankers Association 2019: “Strategic social media management and Gen Z”
  • ADHE (Arkansas Department of Higher Education) Facilitating Career Development course presenter, webinar creator/facilitator 2017-18
  • ASAE (Arkansas Society of Association Executives) 2018: “Strategic social media management: Posting with the end in mind”
  • Youth Move Arkansas 2018 “Branding yourself in your best light”
  • AACE (Arkansas Association of Colleges & Employers) 2017 & 2018 “Moving on up: Seeking and earning promotions for career services and recruiting professionals” and “Gen Z and tech industry in 2018: What recruiters are looking for and how to prepare candidates” with Allison Nicholas
  • OKHR (Oklahoma Human Resources) 2018: “Gen Z and branding: Connecting to today’s talent”
  • Northcentral Arkansas Educational Cooperative 2017: “Teaching soft skills to Gen Z students”
  • Southside High School 2017: “First steps of branding: The elevator pitch”
  • HRSWC (HRSouthwest Conference) 2017: “Gen Z and the job search: Connecting to the talent of today”
  • Independence County Library 2016-17: Professional development workshop for staff: “The 3 C’s of Communication: Competent communication, customer service, and conflict prevention/management” and two presentations for patrons. 1) “Resume writing 101” and 2) “Job search 101.”
  • Lyon College, 2016, 2017, 2018: Served as judge for Summer Experience Fair in 2016 and 2017. Presented “Networking 101” presentation for Careers course taught by Vicki Webb in 2016.
  • University of Arkansas Community College Batesville (keynote), 2014, 2015, 2016: Presented to groups of high school students during Career Day on “How to use your English Major” three years in a row. Served as keynote speaker for 100 students during TRiO program’s Symposium.
  • Jackson County Library, 2016: Two programs: “Job search 101” and “Resume writing 101” for library patrons.

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