Whether you’re a job seeker, a professional seeking a promotion, or a leader striving to fulfill your mission, you might find yourself in an ongoing struggle if you lack soft skills. You may struggle with communication, workplace morale, or lack of direction.

When we’re struggling, we can’t see the big picture.  Our own deficiencies (and deficiencies of team members, students, or employees) can block us from moving forward.

What’s currently blocking you?

  • time spent dealing with disgruntled staff, donors, or clients
  • continual conflict within the workplace
  • toxic work environment
  • missed deadlines & unfinished projects
  • miscommunication & unclear expectations
  • unclear plan for growth or forward movement
  • sense of lost purpose, misdirection, or defeat

Lack of soft skills leads to struggle within organizations & within ourselves.

The average small company loses $420,000 annually due to miscommunication. Over $359 billion is lost each year in the United States due to unresolved or mismanaged conflict.

You don’t have to struggle.

Bethany Wallace, owner of Bethany Wallace Communications & Consulting
I partner with mission-minded organizations & leaders to improve communication, build better workplaces, & empower others to succeed through soft skills solutions. I offer communications consulting, soft skills & career readiness training, executive coaching, & career coaching.

Soft skills are interpersonal skills which are a combination of talent and ability, vital to managing your organization well.

Soft skills keep work relationships intact & help you fulfill your mission.

Soft skills solutions outcomes:

  • effective communication
  • concise, clear, creative content
  • greater collaboration
  • fewer conflicts
  • saved time, money, & effort
  • harmony in the workplace
  • improved morale & organizational culture
  • increased productivity
  • reduced stress & anxiety
  • sharper focus on organizational mission
  • career fulfillment
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