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For mission-minded employers, organizations, leaders, and educational institutions:

Speaking engagements, presentations, training,  workshops, executive career coaching, and professional development:

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I’m grateful to partner with mission-minded organizations to facilitate communications transformation and implement soft skills solutions. I offer consulting and coaching services:

  • Professional development workshops
  • Executive coaching (in cohorts or for individual professionals/leaders)
  • Training packages
  • Keynote presentations and breakout sessions
  • Career services departmental consulting (for higher education)
  • Entrepreneurial coaching and consulting for individual business owners
  • Succession planning
  • Outplacement services


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  • communications training (individuals or organizations): public speaking, non-verbal skills, verbal communication, active listening, and more.
  • conflict prevention, resolution, and management (individuals and organizations)
  • writing in the workplace training and courses (individuals or organizations)
  • social media management training and presentations (for individuals or organizations)
  • soft skills training: communication, customer service, writing skills, conflict prevention/resolution/management, collaboration and teamwork, active and mindful listening, gratitude in the workplace
  • how to teach soft skills (to Gen Z, in the workplace, or in the classroom)
  • Gen Z and the job search (research-based presentation)
  • mentorship: why mentoring matters, how to develop a mentoring program, and how to mentor others effectively
  • resume writing/cover letter writing presentations and workshops for students and employees (outplacement)
  • job search basics and strategies, including job application tips, application tracking systems (ATS), resume and interview strategies, reference checks, etc.
  • how to successfully change careers or seek/earn promotions
  • how to seek and earn promotions within career services or recruiting/HR
  • choosing a college major/degree plan for students
  • Gen Z in the workplace (research-based presentation)
  • interview preparation: mock interviews, sample interview questions, researching employers, understanding how to prepare and practice for various types of interviews and common interview questions, avoiding major interview blunders, eliminating nervousness during your interview, and how to ensure your communication skills and other soft skills shine during the interview process (for individuals or presentations)
  • professional networking (presentation)
  • personal branding (branding statements, bios, elevator pitch, social media, LinkedIn profile creation and revision, etc.) for individuals or presentations for large groups
  • executive coaching (individualized or in small groups) for managers, leaders, and small business owners on any of the topics mentioned above. Tailored executive coaching packages to address your specific management problems and needs. Contact me for details/quotes.
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Webinars and online courses

ResumeDIY-CoverPhotoDIY Resume Refresh Workshop for teachers transitioning to other careers (webinar)

Recorded live March 27, 2018. At 1 hour and 26 minutes in length, it’s chock full of fabulous content and Q & A and features two experts: myself and Sarah Greesonbach, founder of Life After Teaching. You’ll learn how to write a concise branding statement for the top of your resume, how to beef up your experience and truly transfer your skills from education to other industries, and the why & how of hard & soft skills on resumes. If you’re currently working as a teacher and are considering leaving the field of education, purchasing this webinar is a great idea if you want to revise your resume yourself. Original price: $35. Now available at a significant discount. PURCHASE WEBINAR HERE.

For webinars for teachers pursuing other careers or to learn about the Life After Teaching e-book, visit

Other communications, soft skills, and consulting services

To inquire about other coaching, communications, soft skills, and consulting services, or to request a custom package for yourself or someone you love, contact me today.

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