Are you passionate about purpose—but struggle to fulfill your mission?

Lack of soft skills often leads to struggle; when we’re struggling, we can’t focus on the big picture.

When clients begin working with me, they express common frustrations, stressors, and sources of anxiety:

  • disgruntled staff, donors, or clients
  • continual conflict
  • toxic work environment
  • unmet deadlines or unfinished projects
  • unfocused branding efforts and lack of content management
  • miscommunication or unclear expectations from clients/colleagues

The average small company loses $420,000 annually due to miscommunication.

Over $359 billion is lost each year in the United States due to unresolved and mismanaged conflict.

You don’t have to struggle. I can help.

Bethany Wallace, owner of Bethany Wallace Communications & Consulting
I’m Bethany Wallace. I love partnering with mission-minded organizations & leaders to improve communication, build better workplaces, & empower leaders to succeed. I provide communications strategy, content management, training, executive coaching, and career coaching, focusing on soft skills. Soft skills are interpersonal skills, vital to keeping your organization running smoothly. Without solid soft skills, it’s tough to keep relationships intact or fulfill your mission. The good news? I can help.

Soft skills solutions outcomes:

  • effective communication with others
  • concise, clear, creative content
  • greater collaboration & teamwork
  • fewer conflicts (prevention versus damage control)
  • saved time, money, & effort
  • harmony in the workplace
  • significant boost in employee morale & attitudes
  • increased productivity
  • reduced stress & anxiety
  • sharper focus on organizational mission
  • career fulfillment

Let’s get started.

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